Macquarie Wishgrant at Kidzoona

Macquarie whisked off to 7 kids to Kidzoona for a magical afternoon of slides, games and playtime! Thank you Macquarie for making their wishes come true, and to California Pizza Kitchen for sponsoring their lunch!

1. Joyce, 6/F, CHD, barbie doll and dollhouse

2. Bridget Rose, 8/F, ALL, my little pony house

3. Mia, 6/F, CHD, barbie doll and Doll house

4. Kylie, 8/F Flame Burn, Baby alive

5. Brian ,10/M, Dousing Muscular Dystrophy, Ironman Robot

6. Liera May, 7/F, CHD, Barbie doll and dollhouse (kapalit ni Allyson)

7. Aldwin, 16/M, RHD, guitar.

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